Boko Haram released a new video in the late hours of Saturday, August 13. In the video, the dreaded terrorist group showed the faces of some girls numbering about 50, in hijabs.

There has been much discourse regarding whether the Chibok girls were still alive or not. The recent video released by the insurgent group if real, means the school girls are much alive.

Here  are 20 shocking quotes from the released video:

1. We are proud to tell you that all these girls have been in our safe custody for over two years and no one could believe that was possible.

2. The federal government of Nigeria should know they have to respect us as we have been inside Maiduguri for a long time and nothing has come near us.

3. Everybody should listen to us even if you are in Abuja or Lagos or any other important places that we are with the girls

4. People can see many the girls here and the federal government itself could see them likewise. With the permission of God, no one can harm us.

Member of the Boko Haram group speaking in front of the Chibok girls
5. The federal government of Nigeria has been deceiving itself so much as it has been saying it will rescue the Chibok girls for over two years now. Here are the girls and the government is yet to save them.

6. There have been different speculations on the Chibok girls that some were found in some parts of the Northeast, while some people said at least 40 of them have been giving out in marriage.

7. We are releasing this video to let you know some of the Chibok girls were harmed by the airplanes that were attacking us with bombs. The bombs have destroyed some of the girls.

8. The remaining girls with us will not be left by us by God’s permission for now unless something happens.

9. If the federal government sends a delegation to us to negotiate the release of the Chibok girls, we are ready to listen to them and release the girls, However if they do not approach us, we have no business releasing the girls.

10. We are informing the people in this video that jet bombers have killed your children.


11. A good number of the Chibok girls were killed by jet fighters and they have returned to God.

12. We are appealing to all our brothers especially in Lagos, Maiduguri and some other places that they should be patient with us. By God’s permission, come latest afternoon of Friday, August 19, we will see what we will do to the federal government’s request.

13. The Boko Haram member who is speaking in the video called upon one of the Chibok girls and asked her name which she said is: Maida Yakubu.

14. Maida Yakubu told the speaker she is an indigene of Chibok and was one of those captured in Girls Government Secondary School, Chibok.

15. The girl said they have been in captivity when asked by the speaker, for at least two years.

16. The girl told the federal government to be patient.

17. Maida Yakubu said the jet fighters of the government have killed some of her colleagues.

18. The Boko Haram member continued and said they are telling the government of Nigeria and the world in general that the approach being used was not the best to save the girls. The government should know they cannot get what they are looking for if they continue what they are doing by attacking us with bombs.


19. We are telling the media that they did not send a single person to us to confirm the actual things that are happening.

20. In conclusion, we are telling the government if they don’t release our men in prisons, we will not release the Chibok girls.


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