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This day shall never be forgotten in the history of University of Jos as the ageless building in p-site popularly called “Noah’s Ark”  caught fire.
The fire started unnoticed at about 6:13pm until an hour later when the Plateau State Fire Service sluggishly showed up. The effort of Fire service proved ineffective untill THE GREAT JOSSITES under the  able leadership of Sidney Daman(SUG PRESIDENT)   took it upon themselves to rescue the building. 
  The popular “Noah’s Ark”  which houses the Faculty of Social Science, other departments from the Faculty of Management  Sciences and most importantly the University’s Ancient Library was engulfed in wild fore which source is still unknown,  as some attribute it to electrical fault. 
   Effort to speak with the University’s librarian and other administrative officers who were present at the scene proved abortive as the could be seen moving restlessly trying to contain the overtly exited students. 
   The students therfore advises the School authority to provide an alternative for the continuation of the onoing exams. 

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