Dammy Krane To Remain In Jail And Face Federal Charges, After He Was Arraigned In US Court Yesterday

Dammy Krane Arraigned In U.S Court Today; To Remain In Jail & Face More Federal Charges… Details [VIDEO
According to sources, the court looked at his papers and it was found that he has no money or property in any bank. He was thereby asked to remain in jail till 22nd of June, 2017.

Dammy Krane however pleaded not guilty and paperwork was provided to his defense attorney, showing what police found on his phone. None of his family members or record label representative was in court today. Also, the court wants proof that the money to be paid for his bail, is from a honest source.

The two suspects now have a new defense attorney, a free one from government, by the name Fan Li. Both accused are back in jail till their next hearing. 


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