Dear Upcoming Artiste: Know The Difference Between Marketing, Promotion & PR (Vol. 1)

Upcoming artistes do well in conflicting the terms “Marketing” and “Promotion”. They often use them interchangeably, unbeknownst to many what each of the terms stand for. In the case of PR, only a few can tell what it entails.

This post demystifies the age-long mystery behind these terms Marketing and Promotion. I daresay you’ll hardly find anything this lucid somewhere else. Like you know, to be familiar with the language of your business is to subtly sell yourself while schmoozing with industry head(s), and when you follow this thread through, you’ll sure have your shoulders high when next the convo moves around Marketing, Promotion & PR.

PS : This post will be in three parts to ease understanding.

First, What is Marketing?

My dictionary simply describes it as “the promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service; including market research and advertising.”So, where then does Promotion and PR come in? For those who aren’t familiar with Marketing, there is something called The Marketing Mix, it’s about the bread and butter of Marketing.

“Marketing Mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools – Product, Price, Place & Promotion that the firm blends to produce the response it wants from the target market.

Kotler & Armstrong

The Marketing Mix can be called the 4Ps and 7Ps (for Products and Services respectively). The 4Ps stand for PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE, PROMOTION. With the addition of PROCESS, PEOPLE & PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (for services). You may wonder how they’re applicable in the dealings of an artiste/music industry. So let’s see:

Product: Product can mean the music, the artiste, merch. This encompasses the unique benefits of the music; the genre. Would it make us laugh, cry, dance, think, question etc. Then basic things like an artiste’s signature style (outfit, hair etc) position him/her as a product.
Price: This is about how much the music or merch would cost. How much does it cost to have the artiste perform or make an appearance.

Place: This involves the distribution of music or merch to where it’s available for consumers – physical/digital stores etc Spotify, Boomplay etc. Or TooXclusive Naijaloaded? etc. What radio station are you looking to submit the music to?

People: How would you describe an AVERAGE fan of your sound. What age, gender, ethnic demography will your music appeal to? This is often overlooked by a lot of upcoming artistes. They often can’t tell.
PROMOTION: My dictionary describes it as “dissemination of positive information about a product or brand”.

This simply involves all the activities taken to inform consumers about a product (music/artiste) and to encourage potential consumers to buy these products

Solomon et Al.

Promotion can be perceived as a behaviour modification, which centers around influencing and persuading people to patronize the product being offered.

Now, we know where and how Promotion comes in, how then does Public Relations (PR) come in?

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