As a student if you don’t enjoy and flex at the beginning of a semester…… Forget it bro

 At the beginning When ?

-Money and material things were used/spent without calculations.

-When wapping` was the other of the day.

-When church/Godly gatherings were tertiary and taken for granted, with the excuse that ‘i  came here for studies’

-When the room was always crowded/noisy with yabbing and making jest of each other
-When  the most current guy is measured by the latest music,video and news.

-When the thought of examination will be scared away by `Time still dey` and you think `there`s time` with countless nights wasted

-When  the day was spent `flexing` and  lecturers and assignments are taken unseriously.

-when much time was spent talking on the future and less time to activate it and all dubious/unserious means was used to get money from serious parents…


THE common room, all reading areas and corners becomes crowded, that moment every advice would be taken for a pie, church services records high numbers of students at fellowships and  reading candle would be at its peak.the days of watching movies till down was over. every dusty book was picked up,  in this case there’s no need for a town  crier to go announcing, the stress of his job has been saved by a rough beginning. And i heard my friend said

         “Guy i never knew Exam   na Monday “

Lol…….. At this point u’ll know weather u’ve actually wasted your tuition fee or not
   Exam periods don’t need to announce itself,  anytime the atmosphere of a particular institution is tensed up,  and every one seemz to be serious,  u have lesser numbers of invitations for Parties, lesser bash, less noise making, more photography and group reading, itz enough sign to tell you that Exams is at the corner.

 Exam moments are always the best times, fun in disguise tho! ……. “proper preparation prevents poor performance”

To all the Students, wishing you best of luck in your Academics.

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