[Exclusive] #TheTalkReview: An ingenious review of the controversial song; ‘Talk’ – by Falz 

TheTalkReview shall capture a scene to scene analysis of the #Talk visual.

#TheTalkReview will be presented in 10 sections that cuts across issues addressed by @falzthebahdguy in the visuals to his latest single #Talk












It will be a long ride, but not to worry #TheTalkReview is 85% written in fluent Nigerian language (Pidgin) to keep you to keep you flowing with the vibe as you get the message.

Let’s get started:


‘Brother MURIC shout finish we no see am for court’… Falz still the wonder why legal action never come ooo, But Falz, you sef like trouble. Wetin him wan go do for court na? Ehnn? Him no get CONCRETE EVIDENCE of any law breaking aii. No worry sha, I know say Brother MURIC still get you for mind.


Ehennn, my people, Election don come again ooo… Who don suffer before suppose to get sense oo! Who done faint before no be stranger to death! Them go come lie to us say them go give us tap weh the run milk instead of water. You know say these POLITICIANS them na like guyman weh wan run babe na. Him go promise her free health care, free education, promise her papa estate and free salary join. But, who light don SHOCK before, should not be shocked by the little things in life.

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Since EFCC Burst in, we no see you for club, and you get legit work ooo, na wetin you talk. Brother Bellenus, wetin happun na? Two weeks now we no hear from you oo, since EFCC clamp down on boiz, you’ve been in hiding. You commit treason neh? Stop YAHOO YAHOO and 419(that one no be hustle. That no be work sir).


Even baba bahari no fit escape falz shot na. That guy shoots on target. We elect you for a four year term, you carry 3 years the flex, the do tourism. You as a president has spent more time in the abroad than ruling your state. Worst of it, all your travel waka, na on TAX PAYER MONEY. Weh don tire. Weh done sire.


Then our Jackie Chan’s and Jet li’s In the National assembly. Them Anthony Joshua and May weather them, who converted the prestigious Nigeria assembly complete to a boxing ring.haba! People’s father’s…and mother’s, as the case may be. Throwing punches more than they throwing life lines.

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Then the Nigerian dream. That one day, the youths will be leaders of tomorrow… But up to now, we still the sleep. Even if we wake up, them go close our eyes by Force. Them never tire, them wan continue the reign. 35yrs ago, someone was head of state, 35yrs down, he’s still the president of the damn country. For how long? The country na your personal belonging?


Back to Buhari Muhammadu. When baba was contesting, he was just selling us stories and we just the buy. Some buy 5 bags, some 50. Those weh get money sef, them the order trailer. Me Sha na half bag I try hustle that year. But still on still, baba refuse everybody CHANGE oo. Him say make we wait may him go find change oo, we wait 4 yrs, and we no see change. E con talk say, the persin weh wan givam change talk say e go take another 4ys before the change fit to reach everybody. We no want again. We dash you the MONEY. Carry am the go, na God the punish you. Just give another mahn the machine (Aso Rock), him fit print better money give us.

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Con see Lagos traffic, motor everywhere, but our Politician own motor the fly. Them no de suffer wetin poor mahn the suffer. If them the Waka for road sef, they are always in a hurry. Heat sef no de tosh them. Chai!!! Baba? Baba God, na accompany i accompany others come this world?


You go work sef, reach ending Month, nasoso story u go the hear. Ogah, pay us our money. Pay people their money. It’s a right, not a goddamn privilege.

Our senators the collect 25million monthly in salaries and allowances, But they don’t want to pay the common man 30k. In the 80s, you get payed #500 which was $700. In 2019, you get paid #19,800 which is $55. Wawu! Nigeria which way na? Na for reverse we the drive?


Our slay Papa’s and Mama’s sef no escape falz na. Go the sleep around for money, going to studios and whiling time on social media. You can do better fam. Go work. No the use your body for cash and carry. Fucking your way to riches. But for how long shall you continue to FUCK, that the money might abound??


Our church & Islamic leaders sef collect small from falz. Them go the use church and Mosque money the buy jets. One sef get 3. Them ask am, e talk say na for church. Church? But na only you the flex am na ogah? Ehn? Why your congregation no de follow you cruise na? Ehnn Papa? While your congregation the hustle, the reason wetin them go chop later, your P-JET is about to land. M.O.G! I hail. Your hell fire no be kerosene, na URANIUM be him fuel.

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Tribalism and ethnicity were addressed when he said; “shey I no be persin, cause no be your tribe I come from? For naija now, u no fit marry outside certain places, or into certain places. Work sef, e get some special works for special tribes and people. Even to get admission, if you no be from there, na yawa. Haba my people? All of us no be NIGERIANS we be? I am NOT Jukun, I AM NIGERIAN.


Small mahn thief money for market we set am for fire- jungle Justice, big man thief money, we hail am like dummy. The practices of burning people for very little offenses. Most at times, they’re just struggling to survive, and hewing praises and accolades on the real political thieves who aren’t just stealing the money, but stealing your future and that of your children as well is a big irony. It needs to stop.


He brought in the legendary Fela’s line; suffering and smiling; depicting a people that though in hardship, though under oppression, keep smiling And would rather smile than fight their oppressor. Epic NIGERIA mentality. Leaving EVERYTHING IN GOD’S HANDS you know. We have been praying for development for almost 60 yrs, just look how developed we are. Let somebody tell me to pray for NIGERIA again and see!


These days, we no know who for authority de for office- JUBRIL Al Sudani? Or Muhammad Buhari? The controversy that buhari was dead, is it true? The government hasn’t adequately attended to that yet. Yes we have a president, but what we are not sure of, is if he’s the one we voted for. A right thinking government cannot play with very sensitive issue as concerning the oval office. UNLESS of course, they’re not right thinking or there is a bigger plan! A deadly one, maybe.


Islamic state of west African province!

This government promised to tackle insurgency within 3months of getting into office, it’s been four years now. Baga has been reclaimed by insurgents. The soldiers are crying of foul play. The generals the chop money the go, our soldiers and civillians the die- less honourably than chickens. They promised to tackle electricity within six months. It’s been 4 yrs now, and yet, we still get rationed for electricity. Others, don’t even have it completely. Naija? Them swear for you?


He completed by reminding the government that this was not what you had promised, and that we’ve had enough already, we don tire for the rubbish and we will take action… WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT.

FALZ ended by saying NA ME TALK AM… meaning, he, said it. And if you have a problem with that, go and kiss python, with your face like goruba.


Written by Pman Sneh for Naijagotit.com

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