Drena Muller Debuts “Ghost EP” Ft Hyyghlight

Fast rising Jos artiste Drena Muller premieres his debut project ‘Ghost EP’ featuring groove sensation Hyyghlight.

The Ghost EP consist of 8 track spanning about 23 minutes, with guest features from IB Nelly & Lyrical.

The Ghost EP is an applaudable effort coupled with a great delivery, production & engineering. The EP is centered on Love theme. On the project, the artistes narrates different experiences & escapades as they hunt for love.

Very relatable experiences narrated with soothing vocals and a grand style.

Ghost EP was single handedly produced by the magician “Sydney”.

Find Track list below:



This track welcomes you to an awaiting experience. Nigerian singer and songwriter Drena Muller’s Opening track is a relaxed blend of Afrobeats and Pop.

Find My Way is the Hustlers daily prayer. Very relatable to every hustler out there. Drena Muller employed the services of Hyyglight & Lyrical for a soothing delivery.


Delightful on this track. The duo came together here to show their vocal prowess. And it’s not a track to sing about wealth and riches like how other do.

Here, it’s a chatter about how a charming, pretty damsel flaunts her body as she entices them with her killer dance moves.

“She Dey Burst Brain” as confessed by Hyyghlight

Dirty Dance is not just dirty? Its damn filthy!

You will love it!


At this point, the girl Drena Muller met on the dance floor in “Dirty dance” is proving to be a menace to him. He’s discovered how he truly loves her & demands for her love. He pledges to stay with her forever?

But what happens? She’s just a Ghost Lover. Leaving the lover boy with only but memories.

We all can relate to this experience.


On Attitute, Drena Muller is calm, singing tenderly and appealing to his woman for some affection.

“…but she no wan reason with me, she just dey form for me”

On the second verse, Lyrical’s airy voice calls her out. He gives reasons why “She no wan reason with me” and thats because “He doesn’t have money, all he’s got is a fine face.

Wahala for who no get money. Lol


In a continues search for love. Drena Muller finds another lover “Cinderalla”. This time, he feels he has hit the jackpot. As the girl’s got everything he wants in a woman.

Couldn’t be more happier for him. Looking back at his experience.

He continues chanting. I can do anything for your love. “Zanku for your love”


From the name you may be carried away with the thought that this is some corona virus related song. Yes it is? But not entirely, because “Filo” is the cause of the pandemic.

She causes trouble with her fashion sense & overall beauty & thats a pandemic already.

This was accompanied by soothing vocals from Ib Nelly & Hyyghlight.

A very good one.


As uncommon as it sounds? Everybody’s got a bad girl in his life that he craves for. Infact, knowing her ‘badness’ makes you love her even more. Am sure you can relate?

On this track, Drena Muller, Hyyghlight & IB Nelly took their shot at the bad girl as they try to woo her.

It fun listening to this lines. You will love this too.


With Dane For Me?  Drena Muller signals an end to the groove. As he gives some high tempo afrobeats to close the show.

Its been a great ride on the Ghost EP . Dance for me is a good example of  “One for the road”. The vibe will still ring in your head as you unconsciously reminisce over it.

What a way to end the show.