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Nigerian Army Shot At Fenan Kumz Because He Was Holding A Gun – UNIJOS Chief Security Officer

The chief security officer, University of Jos has come out to address the issues surrounding Fenan Kumz’s death during an press interview with  PRTV media crew, the Chief Security Officer has this to say about the situations sorrounding the shootings at the students hostel.

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NOTE: This is an interview section by the PRTV media crew with the Chief Security Officer. Ou can download the audio below.


His statement:

“… In the process, the boys dropped what stones they were carrying and ran away. The students that ran to the road did not want to go so in the process, one of the police officers fired a shot to clear them but because it was kind of a stray bullet it shot one of the students on the head. But immediately one of the students also, I don’t know how he managed to get a gun, a local gun. He shot also the inspector that shot at them on the foot. The inspector is already in the hospital but the student was later taken to the hospital and died. What happened was not inside the hostel but outside the hostel because they did not heed to our advise of staying in the hostel and be protected by the security... ”



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