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As the #LetterToBae trend continue to trend and getting lot of audience/engagements with beautiful and amazing write-ups from lovers across social media, we decide not to let you miss this beautiful trend of love & love matters.

Today we bring to you one of the best notes we received from the #LetterToBae trend and it’s totally amazing how It ignites the love feeling in you, so lovely. Hope you’d enjoy it?

Relax as you read this beautiful love note from Tammy!


Maybe I’ll get to tell our kids our story. About how we fell in love, about how you became the most important part of me. Someday I hope when I think about you they’ll never be about your last days. I remember how you loved to read under the mango tree by the sea side, how you’ll always pack a picnic bag and sometimes manage to force me into carrying my guitar (which I secretly loved so much). We would lay there reading one of your numerous thriller books (never quite understood why you loved them). I remember how fascinated you get whenever you are about to finish the book. 

Oh my love, do I tell them about your love for blueberries, or how often you’ll make us pick apples and stroll to the village just to look for beggars to give. I want to tell our kids how kind you are, how caring and how extremely thoughtful you are. You make the world a brighter and more beautiful place when you smile. I lay on our bed every day, imagining how you are doing up there, then I remember who you are, you light up a room with your presence, always making jokes that seem really funny (truth be told, I barely get them, sorry!!). 

My angel you’ll be fine, I take comfort knowing that you are in a better place, but please just give me a guide, how do I tell little Jane that she had the best mother in the world, how do I tell her the world is cruel but she can deal with it. How do I encourage her to live life to the fullest, oh how do I tell her life gets easier and more beautiful. How do I tell her all this things, if I don’t believe them. I didn’t just lose you that day, my love I lost the ability to know how to live!!!




  1. Fairy tale princess
    It’s amazing how you can come up with a piece like this … well I’m not surprised… I believe in you ❤
    Write more please I’ll never get tired of reading things written by you😊

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