MTN (Everywhere You Go)  Which is one of the most populous Network/Communication providers in Nigeria Has over the years spread within and across Nigeria . Everyone can attest to the fact that if you randomly pick 10 people,  atleast 7 are at one time or the other Mtn Subscribers. MTN  which is also known for its inter-community and humanitarian services (MTN Foundation)  and Social Events (MTN Project Fame, Pulse Campus Invasion etc)  has these days ever since the Federal Government through NCC billed them 330bn Naira   seemed to reversed their call rates and Charges. 
 They Charge almost double the normal call rate (MTN-MTN)  and their data packs are normally less than the supposed e. g ( the pulse 500 naira-1Gb is actually 750mb instead). Atleast every Mtn Subscriber most have gotten boring and irrelevant messages from these numbers (On-Demand, Fund+Win, 4100, 131 etc)  Which are most atimes not  relevant,  these numbers atimes migrate you unknowingly to services u never opted-in and huge charges are deducted. 
    A client sent emails containing screen shots of extortionate charges made by MTN,  the most surprising of it all was charging 44naira for 22secs. of call to MTN number. 
Sreen Shots below…. 

   I think MTN has resolved in increasing their call/data rates in order to make  up the 330bn  fine by NCC. 
   The worst of it all…. when all these charges are made,  there customer care line will seem to be more busy  that u can’t even connect with an MTN agent to lay your complaints. When it eventually connects after hours of waiting,  the only excuse they always come up with is “Your Account Is Not Comming Up”  or “We don’t see Details of Such Transactions” 
Even the WhatsApp Customer Care Service are forever ‘Busy for  Nothing’  coz u won’t recivie any reply even after 24hours.
   With this Frustration, the Affected Customers (which seem to be almost everybody)  switch to any other Network Provider that charges less and are more Customer-Freindly.  MTN should therefore look into these cases as more  complains (which cannot be posted here)  are trooping in almost on an hourly bases. 

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