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Naijagotit Music Review

We are in the second quarter of 2019 and the time is running out on the actualization “2019… We go buy benz!!!” mantra we entered the year with. You ask ‘what’s the import?” Well, for starters every hustler out there is doubling on his/her hustle – legit or otherwise. And creatives are not left out. This fact is made prominent by the numbers of mind blowing songs out right now.

Small Girl Big God is one of those songs set to set the artists involved on the map in the industry. A groovy Afropop tune with all the right elements in place, it is one tune that will definitely have you dancing with no care in the world.

We are gifted an impressive first verse by the phenomenal GNY, highlighting the traits that make up a “small girl big God”. One of such is multiple personality – “Today Jennifer tomorrow Jedidah…” goes to show how these ‘small girls’ carry on with multiple personalities to get with men – Following big men who are of course financiers of their expensive lifestyle. A perfect first verse that highlights the main theme of the song. He ends his verse with some warning to these ‘small girls’ though “… when dem finish girl with you dem go run pam pam pam…”
“She go dey the club tonight tomorrow for church she dey praise and worship huh…”

Bambam had the perfect way to start the chorus of this satirical piece. It is a given that most of the girls who fall in this category form a vital part of the Church community. They are often seen in the choir or in the first seats in church yet operate secretly when no one’s watching.
“… She dey wear designer na money dey talk oh if you enter her na one chance oh…”

FreshGee comes in with a kick in the nuts in the second verse as he references their obsession with designer clothing items from shoes, bags to jewelry. “Kefiano call her see am like magic…” Kefiano is a known name in the night club biz in the city of Jos as he owns the Chillers Potakobim known for recruiting girls to serve their clients – mostly politicians and top businessmen within and outside the city. “See bad girl oh… na so so alert oh… See bad girl oh but the consequences go dey like…”

Miles who is arguably Olamide’s protege takes the last verse and makes reference to these girls turning up in Quilox a popular night club in Lagos and getting picked up in Toyota Hillux vehicles – we all know the kind of people who drive hillux. Also worthy of note is their ability to recruit other supposed ‘good girls’ thereby turning church girls to bad girls. These girls parade in new cars and hold the latest phone especially the iPhone brand.

The artists in the song successfully employed satire to critique the society we live in today. What’s better than a song written for you? A song you can totally relate to. And we dare say every Nigerian should be able to relate to this song as it references issues we are surrounded by as we go about our daily lives.

We recommend this song to every lover of good music. Listen to the message in it and as a bonus you can groove while at it.

Rating: We give a solid 4/5.



REVIEW BY: Angyu Emmanuel for

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