[REVEALED] The Truth Behind ‘Chronicle Adams’ Stabbing At JosIgnite

Following the current news that surfaced over the weekend after an incredible event (JosIgnite) at Azi Nyako Youth Center and the stabbing of one of Jos Finest MC/Artiste. (Chronicle Adams). The Naijagotit-Team, headed to Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) where the primary victim/casualty of the JosIgnite was hospitalized/ receiving  treatment, to confirm the wild spreading rumors and true story behind the stabbing of Chronicle Adams and his two counterparts.

Here were revelations made by the victim (Chronicles Adams)

The entire issue that prompted the arbitrary stabbing of Chronicles Adams by Unknown hoodlums began not as misconception but rather according to them, the denial of performance slot by the victim (Chronicles Adams) at the event.

The victim (Chronicles Adams) was neither the MC or Anchor of the occasion. In his words ‘I was also hustling slot for my guy to perform’ when the Unknown Hoodlums approached him during the event for Performance Slot, right off the bat he guided them to the organizers  (4wardwego), they returned saying they didn’t see him. Chronicles now again guided them to Kalamu, according to him, they exited and didn’t return and he neither saw them perform. When he was done at the event (few mins past 7pm) , he and two of his companions were about leaving the event center when Some obscure hooligans numbering around 12 (as indicated by him) blocked them disgustingly at the gate.

At the point when Chronicle Adams was noticed among them, they lined him up with irregular beatings/stabbings which tallied up to 6 times on various parts of his body including the neck, back and stomach (one of the stabbings is said to have closely affected his lungs). The Hoodlums used  Not forgetting his companions, who were haphazardly beaten and gotten away nearly at death point with severe bruises/injury.

The situation was rescued, when they out ran the hoodlums and entered an adjacent Church Clinic to get restorative consideration and stop the unending dying. He was later given emergency treatment, sewed and hurried to JUTH around 3am on Monday morning.

Chronicles Adams however on arrival of the team, called out every one of the team members and exchanged pleasantries. At the point when asked about his condition of well-being, he said he was responding to treatment and recuperating.

He however called on his fans, Jos Entertainment Industry and overall population for persistent supplications and support in light of the fact that damage to one is damage to all.

He however debunked all bits of gossip partianing the incident and his condition of wellbeing. He pleaded the overall population, not to hear just anything from anybody. Be that as it may, ought to affirm the source first.

He likewise sends his respects to one and all, guarantees to be recovered to keep being your favourite MC-Extraordinaire.


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Here are recent picture and state of being of Chronicle Adams


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