VOTE Vera Edward For President, Taraba State Entertainment Industry (TSEI) 

As the heat of the August 19th, Taraba State Entertainment Industry (TSEI) election draws near, the Presidential candidate for the TSEI (Miss Vera Edward) outlines her plans for the Taraba State Entertainment Industry. 
Her plans are visionary and captures all factions of entertainment within the state. 

Her plans also engulfed expanding Taraba State Entertainment beyond Taraba. 

Read Her Manifesto;

Fellow entertainers… 


This Manifesto will not be complete without your input, therefore I wish to invite you to make contributions by telling me what you wish to be included in the manifesto because my Government (when elected) will be about you, you and only you the members… 
Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the Industry

New Identity (ID) Card for members

Office space (so many empty shops for rent in Jalingo)

Monthly Industry Nite (all performing acts will be paid)

Quarterly award dinner (to honour our external sponsors)

Opening of Bank Account for the Industry

Proper documentation and partnership with the Taraba State Government

Creating a blog which will metamorphose into a website

Dialogue with boys (Kona, Sabon Gari etc.) disrupting shows in the State 

Daily TSEI half hour on Taraba Television (TTV)

Weekly TSEI half hour on Taraba State Broadcasting Corporation (TSBS)

Working with the TSU Radio Station when they are live on air

Reduction of Registration fee to accommodate students

Partnership with the Nigerian Police Force and Vigilantes (Yan Banga)

Partnership with entertainers from TSU, FUW, COE Zing, FEDPOLY Bali, COA Jalingo, TSP Suntai and Jalingo through their DOS

Partnership with Corporate Organizations for sponsorship


Miss Talk and Do


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