A Naijagotite Shared his Amazing thoughts about Success, Determination, Low Self-Esteem and Self Actualization. This is a sure piece for students

My Thoughts 

if you think you are beaten,you are
if you think you are not then you are not, 
if you like to succeed but you think you can’t, 
its almost certain you won’t, 
if you think you are out classed you are!
You’ve got to Think High to Rise
You’ve got to be sure of yourself, before you can win a prize! 
Life Battles don’t always go to the Stronger or faster man.
Soon, the man who wins is the man who thinks HE CAN! 

   A Key secret which is deposited in your hands is that; “Whatever You Will Become Or Have Become, is a Product of Your  thought-system”  A Warning on the thought or thinking system of a man or woman who desire to climb the ladder of success. Hear Gautama Buddha “We are what we think, All that we are arises with our thoughts”
‘With our thoughts we Make Our World!’

  “Some are Destined to Succeed While Others Determine to Succeed “

God destines but you determine yourself to control your thought to succeed. Change your Thinking pattern. Zig Ziglar  Said. 
   ” What you picture in your mind your mind will accomplish for you. When you Change your picture you automatically change your Performance ” 
  Do not build up obstacles in your imagination!  Resist Low Thinking, Self Pity,  Depression, Self-Comparism. Be determined to control your thought to succeed.
With just a Change of thought, you ignite Success.

Good Luck-Eltopsa


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