In the late hours of today (Tues 30th, Aug 2016), Abuja hostel, the all popular centre of Aluta of the University of Jos was gutted by Wild Fire this evening which started at around 5:09 pm, the cause of the fire outbreak was traced to electrical fault in the the control room of B-Block.  One of the Male Blocks of the hostel.
   The Fire outbreak caused great chaos amongst the students, especially occupants of Block-B who scrambled to put off the fire but to no avail, untill the school’s electrical  team showed up at the scene of the fire outbreak, with an extinguisher which was empty and as such coud not be of any help to the current situation. 
  The Able Abuja Hostel Boys Rose to the occasion and saved  the day by quenching the fire with combined manual effort of water and detergent. 
     As at the time of filling in this report no student was harmed, injured or affected, however the thick pungent smoke hampered breathing and sight. 

   Students blamed it all on the poor electrical connections in the hostel which is usually faulty, the students use this opportunity to call on the School’s  management to look into the  the mishap of Light in Abuja Hostel

Stay Tuned for more details Shortly

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!!! 

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