How Dija’s Marriage is Destroying Her Carrier

It is no news that Hadiza Blell (Dija) is 3 years old in marriage to King Rotimi, prior to her marriage, Dija’s presence and contributions to the entertainment industry was handful and could visibly be seen as she’s got great talent.

Her marriage in 2015 seemed to turn everything around, away from the music scene to a full time house full and nursing mother after her first pregnancy in 2016.

Recently Dija posted a picture of her little kid hanging all over her and keeping her all by the chores. Dina has since marriage been a full time wife and a nursing mother presently to her to little kids. She seem to be tired of everything as she took to her Instagram page and posted a picture with the captions:

That I tired sef post’

‘insist on sitting on my back to Watch TV… I need to baff’

‘How’s your Sunday going? LMAO’

Could Dija’s marriage and child bearing be responsible for her disappearance in the industry? Or could it be from Donjazzy’s negligence?

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