Kxng Whxz Casts A Spell With His Deep Melodic Alte-Sounds On ‘A Muse And A Sonic Space EP’

The Bold Face Of Kxng Whxz


We are a few days to  the release of Kxng Whxz new projectThe skies are wide open to welcome the birth of a game-changing Alte-Project “A Muse And A Sonic Space”. 12th April is the great day of reckoning (*wink). Kxng Whxz has braced himself and is all set to release his first body of work.

Having listened to the project for  quite a number of times, two words came to mind. The result of which is evident on the project. A combined effort of Deep creativity and melodic doggedness. With these channeled into making any project? The obvious result is a breakthrough project for the artiste, In this case Whxz.

With this project out? Whxz has successfully registred an inprint in the growing genre of Alternative music in  NIgeria.

This is not a regular musicology, it is a fine work of art created by a masterclass. Musa Aminu who is better known by his stage name Kxng Whxz is a northern breed from the beautiful city of Jos. He is a fiery arrow piercing through the music industry with unrelenting vigor and flavor. Kxng Whxz who started singing and song writing from early stages, developed huge love for the craft and dedicated time to develop his own empire in the industry. He appreciates art and the beauty of it and has dedicated the last decade of his life towards promoting and sharing this beauty through music. He is an advocate of shared love, peace and patriotism towards a worthy cause. A Muse And A Sonic Space (#AMAASS) is his first official body of work.

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 A Muse And A Sonic Space (#AMAASS) is an afro-fused project that consists of four tracks, each identifying and addressing the uniqueness of loving the African woman and overcoming the pressures of society. This EP is inspired by real events, using and adopting philosophies propounded by great thinkers, the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Socrates e.t.c

An avid lover of music-especially of the Afrobeat genre will find himself coming back to the #AMAASS_EP. This is because of the peculiarity and uniqueness employed by Kxng Whxz from the intro, through to the delivery.

Whxz employed the services of Bizakeem, Krisskillz and legendary producer Geekbeatz on a mission that created a unique and colourful afro-fused project with a universal appeal to local and global audiences. He adopted a laid back delivery approach, while succinctly painting a narrative that captivates and elevates a prospective listener into listening some more.

The cover art which depicts a muse in the loving arms of her protector speaks volumes as regards the satisfaction of being vulnerable and in love.

This is a work of art that keeps you wanting more because it appeases your mind, body, and soul. This is a work of love and appreciation for our women and society.

This is art personified in a project.

Check out the playlist below. Get to know what is about to hit you hard with no apology.


Agata ft Bizakeem

This track welcomes us to an experience awaiting us. Nigerian singer and songwriter Kxng Whxz‘s new track Agatha  ft Bizakeem is a relaxed blend of Afrobeats and Pop. A love song in the time of the Corona Virus.

What a pleasure!

5pm in Mombassa ft Krisskillz

There’s a switch in tempo after “Agatha“. The vibration is groovy and you’re nodding your head as you’re listening.

This song right here has a ‘live’ vibe quality with a melodious rhythm , hard hitting beats, perfectly sequenced and wonderfully delivered vocals.

Hypnautic Ft Bizakeem

At this point, if “Agatha” or “5pm In Mombassa” have impressed you then “Hypnautic” might leave you speechless as there’s this irresistible rhythm that want you to get up and dance like a low budget Fela. 

Kxng Whxz lights a joint with  Bizakeem to wet the appetite of music lovers with a mid-tempo rhythm. Hypnautic, as produced by Geekbeatz.

The song “Hypnautic” talks about the admiration for a beautiful lady with the right features perfectly fitted in the right places. (*you know the deal)

Forever & After

To end the journey through “A Mouse And A Sonic Space EP”  by Kxng Whxz is this soul serenading song which he used to crown it up and he brings this ride to a halt.

If you and your partner have been dating for a long time and you guys are still not married, this song is best for you, grab a drink, sit tight and enjoy.


Written by: Samuel Yohanna

for Naijagotit.com


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