On August 1st, 2016 we were hit with the bombshell.
   The question on everyone’s mind and mouth was; Would it even Last? my friends and i came to the conclusion that it was too good to be true,  thus it would stop in less than a week. However to our stupor and glee ‘Sidney’s Bus’ is gaining popularity amongst unijos students.
   I once went out and saw about 80 students waiting for the bus at Abuja hostel base, while cab drivers were beckoning to them yo come and board the cabs. 

‘mtcheew. … “Who no like Awoof” ? maybe only Olamide’ 

 I was  hesitant to use the bus as claimed it wouldn’t meet the optimum satisfaction due to its  price. N30 for transport did not seem feasible, ‘but u know, guys go broke na’,  i had no choice but to use the bus a fewdays later and i swore not to use another mode of transport. Being  on the Bus is like being on a ‘Danfo Bus’  in Lagos. The thrill of bus could blow ones mind away, there are many who even prefare to stand in the bus, than to pay exorbitant fare of the cab drivers.  What  completed  the Danfo feel was,  on entering, a guy began to preach to the passengers.
   Students haven’t stopped hailing the ‘Sidney’s Bus’ as it has helped students and saved us from the claws of Cab Drivers who change their fares at will. 
  With all these commendations there are other agitation from the students who feel the buses should be stationed at places where students live,  not just from main campus to permanent site and hostels. In as much as the Sidney Daman led Student Union Government is working hard to make been a student of University of Jos easy, much is still expected of them.
Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta 

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